Floyds Fork Environmental Association

Floyds Fork Environmental Association consists of a group of concerned citizens from several counties and from many of walks of life and professions. The common concern is the environment and maintaining the integrity of Floyds Fork Creek. Floyds Fork Creek flows through five counties, is 164 miles long and has an average width of 35 to 150 feet. Since early 1991, the Floyds Fork Environmental Association has worked diligently with local, county and state agencies toward improving the water quality in the Floyds Fork watershed, procuring protection of the aquatic life, including a variety of native fish, mussels, of native fauna and flora, of wetlands, river overflows, scenic views and vistas, and preservation of the historic, prehistoric resources and fossils from the Devonian and Ordovician period. Three creek sweeps co-sponsored by the FFEA have rendered the Floyds Fork watershed over 10 tons lighter of debris. The FFEA, in conjunction with the county government, was awarded a grant through the Community Rivers and Streams Program.