Gardens of Eden Awards !

The Garden of Eden Awards are designed to thank those who have planted beautiful layered gardens of flowers shrubs and trees that not only give birds and butterflies places to rest, but provide us all with clean air to breathe.
We have been told if everyone planted gardens like these, it would not only reverse climate change, but take us all back to living in harmony with nature, as in the original Garden of Eden.

Grand Prize is $1,000 !!! The top 10 gardens will receive Garden of Eden garden plaques and gift certificates to a local garden nursery.

Grand prize will be chosen October 15 !!!
(Prizes delivered soon thereafter)

Gardens of Eden Finalists

1. Waterfall Garden, 417 Trinity Hills Lane, Louisville, KY 40207

2. Goldfinch Garden, 1442 Taylor Avenue, Louisville, KY

3. Pond Garden, 2934 Grinstead Drive, Louisville, KY 40206

4. Nistler Garden, 3923 Glenn Oak Drive, Louisville, KY

5. Westwind Garden, 77 Westwind Rd, Louisville, KY 40207

6. Postlight Garden, 8606 Whipps Bend Rd, Louisville, KY 40222

7. Rocky Border Garden, 5804 Brittany Woods Circle, Louisville, Kentucky 40222

8. Mimi's Garden, 1509 Flat Rock Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40245

9. Creek Garden, 2020 Old Vincennes Road, New Albany, Indiana 47150

10. Hidden Garden, 6802 Windhurst Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40207


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