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Closed for 2014
Reopen for the 2015 Seanson

We were touched to receive so many calls, and sorry we could not answer them all. So sad to have missed friends, old and new, we hope to see you next year. The orchard is looking a bit better, which suggests it should be good crop. Meanwhile past customers are welcome to come visit the horses, who would be glad for company ... and cookies.

We hope everyone has a cozy rewarding winter, and we look forward to seeing everyone next apple season.

We look forward to Lodi applesauce apples the next 4th of July 2015, August Red Giant crab apples for beautiful magenta crab apple jelly, and the regular apple season the end of August .

New visitors be sure to bring the map, and especially the virtual tour of Apple Hill Road, being careful to leave (occasionally grumpy) neighbors in peace. (On-line maps or your GPS may not guide you to the correct road.)

To be certain someone will be there to greet you, email the night before, and we will keep a look-out for you.

From Louisville, Kentucky, take the Gene Snyder Freeway to Old Henry Road (Exit 29). Go east 2 miles. (Old Henry curves left, then jogs right.) Turn right on Apple Hill Road (click for a tour) for 0.7 mile. Where Apple Hill forks, take the middle fork. When you see a red pole gate, open it up and come on back. Continue along the black rail fences. When you think you are lost, you are almost there. When you see the green umbrella, you have arrived.

If you feel lost, call 502-767-5245, leaving neighbors to rest in peace.

Apples are still $7 for a ~10 pound bag, a smaller bag for $5, 3 apples for a dollar, and $25 for a bushel (4 ~10 pound bags) with special rates for groups. The honey man may stop by with local honey. And there are still kitties and horses who are looking forward to seeing you.

Check About Us for more on the orchard next spring. Most of the crop will be ripening at the end of August and in early September.

Click the map or here for a larger version you can print. The virtual tour of Apple Hill Road to the orchard will help too.

Hidden Hollow Orchard    3200 Apple Hill Road    Louisville, Kentucky 40245

For more information call (502) 243-4196 or (502) 897-0719 or email.


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