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Birds and Butterflies and Deer, Oh My!
Orchard opening day moved back to August 25th!

Summer Showers have behooved us to move opening day back to August 25th. With so few apples we want the few to taste their best. We mustn't have rainy flavored apple pies.

Another strange and different year ... which is getting to be normal. There are lots of Granny Smith, quite a few Spigolds and Northern Spy, but not much of the others. The Grannies and Spies must have bloomed at the same time ... when there were sunny skies and busy bees. Wonder what shall happen next.

Eight ponies are wondering how many carrots folks shall bring. Seven are wondering if Minnie Pearl shall let them have any. And Little Leonard is still trying to remember, "What is a carrot," since he is very shy and seldom gets any.

Here they are, posing for their portrait, left to right Itty Biddie, Josie, Doris, Minnie Pearl, Dixie, Opal, Little Leonard, and faithful Whinny the Pooh.

All looking forward to seeing everyone once again.

Feel free to bring LARGE carrots (not to be confused with little fingers) to make the rescued ponies feel loved and happy. (Instructions: fingers at one end of carrot, pony at the other.) Naturally past visitors may come anytime they like, to visit the ponies, even if there are no apples. (If anyone would like their own energy efficient lawn mower / yard ornament, this is where to look: Kentucky Equine Humane Center .)

First time visitors must be sure to bring the map, and look at the virtual tour of Apple Hill Road to be in good spirits when you arrive. (Even many a GPS cannot find us.) From Louisville, Kentucky, take the Gene Snyder Freeway to Old Henry Road (Exit 29). Go east 2 miles. (Old Henry curves left, then jogs right.) Turn right on Apple Hill Road (click for a tour) for 0.7 mile. Where Apple Hill forks, take the middle fork. When you see a red pole gate, open it up and come on back. Continue along the black rail fences. When you think you are lost, you are almost there. When you see the green umbrella, you have arrived.

If you feel lost, call 502-767-5245, leaving neighbors to rest in peace.

During apple season, apples are still $7 for a ~10 pound bag, a smaller bag for $5, 3 apples for a dollar, and $25 for a bushel (4 ~10 pound bags) with special rates for groups. The honey man may stop by with local honey. And there are still kitties and horses who are looking forward to seeing you.

Click the map or here for a larger version you can print. The virtual tour of Apple Hill Road to the orchard will help too. When you're almost there, what you see around you will look like this.

Hidden Hollow Orchard    3200 Apple Hill Road    Louisville, Kentucky 40245

For more information call (502) 767-5245 or (502) 897-0719 or email.


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