Schools and Groups Welcome!

Experience life as Johnny Appleseed would have. Walk in the wild. See evidence of wildlife. Learn to navigate by the sun and stars. Let the sun help you plant by the seasons.

Pick apples. Taste strange heirloom varieties ... or just enjoy a rural atmosphere near the city.

Take lots of apples home to try new recipes, make presents for friends, or store for hot apple dumplings or hot apple pie on cold winter nights.

Parents are welcome. Trot down to the picnic area for a picnic lunch.

Small groups may play on the tractors.

Large school groups may play on the tractors, too.

And they may feed peanut butter cookies to the horses.
Sometimes the horses Sometimes they sample
eat carrots small children

Apple tasting may include

No charge except for apples -

To make a reservation, or to plan a visit, please call us at (502) 243-4196 or (502) 897-0719 or email .


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