About Hidden Hollow Orchard

Enjoy heirloom and unusual apples at their best with the country fresh air and sunshine.

Seasonal News

The old and heirloom apple trees again produced a promising springtime bloom!
There be little apples growing on the trees!

If there are no disasters, there shall be apple picking beginning the end of August. In the meantime, old friends are more than welcome to visit the ponies.

See Map and Times for directions, especially the virtual tour of Apple Hill Road. Where Apple Hill Road forks, take the tiny middle lane and open the red cow gate. If you don't drive though any stone pillars, or go to any houses, you should be fine. If you feel lost feel free to call 502-767-5245 leaving neighbors in peace.

Who We Are

Hidden Hollow borders on Floyds Fork, a stream running through Oldham and Jefferson counties, near Louisville, Kentucky. The watershed provides a continuous green space connecting farmland, forests, parks and low density development as it meanders to the Salt River. Hidden Hollow is a refuge for abundant native wildlife at the edge of an major urban area. Its surprising diversity of flora and feathered and furry families inspired us to protect and enhance the habitat, and to pass along what we have learned to others who may have a similar opportunity.


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